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When we write about Minnesota cabin rentals, we always keep in mind that people who rent cabins are also in search of a unique experience beyond the knotty pine walls: Family vacation, fishing getaway, golfing outings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, snowmobiling, off-the-grid adventure – the list is endless. For hunting enthusiasts, Minnesota vacation rentals are a great alternative to hotels because cabins, cottages and lodges put you “in the field”.

Big game hunting: Deer


P&Y (Pope & Young) is the archer’s Holy Grail. The goal is to bag a buck big enough to qualify for the P & Y Club’s record book. In Minnesota, there are certain areas that produce these ‘book bucks’ every year. As luck would have it, has several rentals that put archer’s minutes from their tree stands along the notheast-to-central axis.



Here are the list of MN sport-cabins by towns that are IN THE RED.

NE – Saint Louis:
Ely, MN Cabins
Cook, MN Cabins
Orr, MN Cabins
Kabetogama, MN Cabins
Beaver Bay, MN Cabins

Central – Morrison:
Cushing, MN Cabins
Brainerd, MN Cabins


The state is known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” and has cabins and cottages on many of them. Another reason to stop by the website is that we offer a book direct service which guarantees the lowest rental rate every time. That’s right, you get to speak with area experts who can give you tips on hunting opportunities for all game:

Small-game hunting: Ruffed grouse, squirrels, rabbits, duck, pheasants, Canada goose, turkey

Hunting is a special bonding experience, and your private Minnesota cabin brings that experience inside too. We think you’ll agree, young people need to get outside more and experience what nature has to offer. There’s no APP that can duplicate these moments & memories “in the field”.

Numerous hunting seasons in the state begin in September – hunters must meet the state’s license requirements before taking to the fields and woods.


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Beers, Bears and Bass: The Ultimate Guy’s Winter Trip

Get ready for fantastic fall hunting and fishing. September is incredible for bear and walleye combo trips at this unique  ELY, MN resort. Located on a border lake, this location is an exception to specific USA/Canada laws.Two large bear areas with trophy size bears and premium walleye fishing. Up for some Canadian trophy fishing at its best? A twenty minute boat ride from camp will bring you to Hale Bay, Canadian Channel, Pound Net Bay and the Rat River Bay system. Fish on! During February and March they also have Wolf hunts. IN-FISHERMAN MAGAZINE has called Rainy Lake an explosive small mouth bass fishery. The beaches and wilderness areas offer convenient areas to stretch the legs. Stokes Bar Resort is supplied with propane grills and a tank of propane, fish cleaning house and freezers. Check out the full listing, gallery and rates or even just send a message directly to the owner at our website at

Best Hunting Areas in Minnesota 2014


Minnesota is known for hunting. Traditions have started within family and friends. It’s a contest of who the sharp shooter is in the group. Or, it’s an excuse to go early in the morning and be gone till dusk. Either way you look at it, hunting is still great in Minnesota. This list is comprised of the three best counties to hunt in. You’re in luck, we have cabins and vacation rentals for your hunting needs so be sure to explore the links below to see what best fits your hunting party.

Let’s get started:

1. Hubbard County: We like to lump this in a county because the area is loaded with potential venison. Last year a total of 241 deer were harvested here. The towns of Park Rapids and Akeley provide many lodging, While hunting has been down statewide this year, the Gulch region is still densely populated with deer. Now is the time to remind hunters that it is “Buck” only this year but don’t let that stop you. This year can be the year that you hone on your skills and show yourself whose boss after all.

2. Itsaca: They don’t mean to brag but they do it anyways. The Chippewa National Forest is surely a haven for hunting-even this year. Don’t let a “Buck” only season deter you from even getting the small game this year (smaller the target, harder to shoot right)? The season is well under way for small game such as sharp tail grouse, rabbits, squirrels, pheasant, waterfowl (central and southern zone). Deer is some zones are permitted till the end of the month but check local guides for additional information on which zone you will be in.

3. Becker County: With over 110,000 acres and even additional wildlife management areas, this area is known for its deer ,bear, grouse, wild turkey and waterfowl hunting. This is also home to many sportsmen club to really become the sharp shooter you can be so even if it is passed your ideal hunting time, don’t completely throw out the idea of shooting (after all it is a sport).

While these counties are your best shots for bringing home dinner, you may ask “That’s great and all but now we need to figure out where we are going to stay.” The answer to that question is very easy. We will even do half the work for you. Click on the links below to see what we can offer you in terms of the area close to your desired hunting ground. That’s right. We just did the research on perfect hunting areas in MN and now we take the guess-work out of your vacation rental. We know, we’re very generous.

Hubbard County:

PARK RAPIDS                     AKELEY

Itsaca County:

BIGFORK                             DEER RIVER                     GRAND RAPIDS

To view the best back strap recipe for Venison we have seen so far, click here!

10 Reasons To Snag This #PetFriendly Cabin!

Sometimes it’s not about the beach for your vacation destination and more about reconnecting with wildlife. Here at Whitetail Woodlands, we more than just connect you with nature, we let you live alongside nature. Nestled in the woods, you will find this pet friendly cabin perfect for your party of four. Looking for the ideal hunting or fishing cabin? Yup, you guessed it. Whitetail Woodlands are the best in the Glidden area. We can almost guarantee your hunting success. Here is why this secluded cabin is perfect!

  1. We offer over 500 acres of land perfect for harvest bucks of 2 years and older.
  2. We have a licensed guide with over 45 years of experience. You don’t have to fend for yourself here.
  3. Fishing guide and comfortable boat has all the equipment you need-you just bring your clothes (we strongly encourage this) and food and you are set all set to charter the open waters!

Whitetail Woodlands

  1. On side charcoal grill with charcoal and lighter-you just bring the delicious food!
  2. Precut firewood ready for you-all you have to do is extinguish it at night
  3. Great bear hunting location and Glidden boasts Wisconsin’s record black bear (check it out for yourself)!
  4. Storage shed to store your clothes away from “human and cooking” smells.
  5. Close to ATV/ snowmobile trails
  6. Secluded from popular and crowded destinations gives you a true vacation experience, leaving you rejuvenated and at peace.
  7. Enjoy the wildlife, walking trails, and wild raspberry trails. Listen to the mating calls of the birds and catch mesmerizing sunsets among the top notch scenery.

Whitetail Woodlands

The best part is, this cabin is fully furnished, leaving you only responsible for your belongings. No need to pack everything but the kitchen sink. Relax. Enjoy. It’s cabin time! But hurry, this cabin books fast!

Here at we love everything Wisconsin. So enjoy booking your next Wisconsin vacation directly with those that share the same love of Wisconsin as we do. No commission fees means you save money!

News about Minnesota Deer Hunting — Read Before You Go!


Well guys and gals, it’s that time of the year again. Doesn’t it seem like we just had summer? Besides fantasy football and late night card games in the basement, what are we to do when the days get shorter and colder? We stock our freezers with good ‘ole game meat and wait for the chili to be ready, right? Some may be new to the area and others might like a refresher but this blog entry is all about hunting so read further and follow us for more hunting blogs to come!

Minnesota reputation boasts some of the best hunting around, and if you looked it up, we would be right due to its abundance of land and deer population. Minnesota has mixed use of state forests, WMAs and WPAs that make the hunting quite the sport.

Minnesota was home to 1 million whitetail deer but last year’s harsh winters did the deer population little good, leaving lots of deer starving. Minnesota’s DNR responded to this problem by spending emergency money to feed the deer to keep the population thriving. The harsh winters have also made Minnesota impose a “Bucks” only regulation this year, making it one of the most conservative in the past decade. This regulation forbids the shooting of antlerless deer in 95 percent of the state and applies to EVERYBODY except those in a lottery. Be sure to read and always refer back to the Minnesota Guidebook to observe new laws and regulations this year at:  You can find up to date information on age requirements, trespassing, disability and active duty regulations and gun law changes in this year’s guidebook.

How Do You Count Points?

  1. At least 1 antler is 3 inches long with a minimum of 4 points on one side.
  2. An antler, brow tine, and any broken tine has to be at least 1 inch.
  3. You also need to count the end of the main beam.


While only 67,000 deer were tagged opening weekend, down from last year, reports from hunters all over the state haven’t really noticed a decline in seeing deer. The recent opening weekend could have been dented due to a snow storm that blew in. Only time will tell if anything benefited from the feeding of the starving deer, the harsh winter and the bag limit.

What do you expect from this year’s deer hunting season? Do you think the 1 deer bag limit and “bucks” only regulation is a good thing or bad? We want to know! Also, stay tuned, follow and share our blog for more continual coverage on hunting and other locally, time sensitive information on Minnesota!

Coming up next! Where the best areas in Minnesota are for hunting, wild game recipes and even finding your perfect deer camp, which doesn’t always have to be a hole in the wall cabin. Take your pick, we got them all at

WI Deer Camp Means Memorable Traditions and Changes

Every fall, women get together in packs and joke about being a widow for the weekend …you know they are from Wisconsin. Wisconsin has a large deer population, in fact it is in the top 10 for North America for deer hunting. There is also bear, turkey, pheasant, grouse, quail, and waterfowl to hunt! Some things to know before you go:

whitetail deer

A new crossbow law is being tested. Previously, hunters that were above the age of 65 and/or had physical disabilities were able to crossbow hunt. This new law lets hunters opt for the crossbow — the law will be tested for three years to see what will come of it. Some say that the crossbow is too efficient and will lead to an overkill of the deer population and will shorten the length of deer season. Only time will tell to see if this will be a permanent law. In the meantime, we can expect more deer hunters to join in on the experience of DEER CAMP, and we know just the places to set up camp.

One of the highest deer population rates is in Shawano County. The county has reported a deer population of 52,700. Shawano is a small city of about 9,000 people and offers a lot in recreation and quality deer hunting. The forests, farmland and marshes make this area great for sizable whitetail deer. It is against the law to feed deer in this county but with the population the way it is, you should have no problem bagging one. Ten miles away sits public land over 14,500 acres called the Navarino Wildlife Area. This area is one of the most densely populated areas in the state. When thinking about staying here, check out Adventure’s Cabins. These cabins sit on Lulu Lake, which makes it perfect for fall fishing as well. After your full day of outdoor activities, your group can sit in front of the wood burning fire stove and ‘make a plan for tomorrow’. There’s even a washer and a dryer. This property comes with a fire pit, private dock, canoe and rowboat.


Next we head straight over to the other side of the state along the Mississippi river in Buffalo County where many areas are heavy with deer, turkey, waterfowl and pheasant populations. Buffalo County is home to roughly 32000 whitetail deer becoming the forefront of the nation in deer size, recording 309 “wall-hangers” in just 10 years! It’s safe to say that after the hunting season, you won’t be disappointed. On that note, we have cabins in Buffalo County that will fit your needs.

Fountain City, a small town right on the river and claims to be the “River Bluff Capital of the World”. There you will find HNL Farms: Heritage House. This home is a nice, peaceful and relaxing homestead where you can cook on the grill, or head to town for a good bite to eat. Use the fire pit at night and tip back a couple — it OK to dream about which wall you’re putting your next trophy buck on. If you have some young hunters; there’s even a clubhouse and game room not too far off!


There is also Cross Ridge Retreat in Fountain as well. This retreat boasts vista like panoramic views of wildlife and the Upper Mississippi River valley all seen by the three season porch. Relax and enjoy the heated clubhouse with a bar and game room. If there is an early snowfall, this retreat is right on the Buffalo County Snowmobile trail.

crossridge1 crossridge

If we head back to a more central location, Tomah, you will get a chance to see some of the state’s best deer hunting. This area has predicted 28,600 deer for this upcoming year. It’s absolutely beautiful and is a great low stress environment with plenty of marshy grounds. These Tomah cabins put you in Deer and Bear country.

If both deer and bear sound good, stay a few days in the Tomah area. The Bald Eagle Lodge in Warrens, WI can sleep over 20 people so bring the family and friends along! This is absolutely perfect! There are two kitchens, two private decks and a patio. This rental is perfect for a family get together where the fun can be shared AND separate at the same time. While the men hunt in the nearby Black River State Forest, the rest of the family can enjoy the Lodge amenities, head to town, or even do some horseback riding.

bald eagle baldeagle2

Hunters enjoy all that Wisconsin has to offer because it is truly paradise. To learn and get engaged with more Wisconsin  hunting or even to see what Wisconsin Outdoor Fun is all about, head over to! Grab your friends or family and make your hunting trip memorable. Stay at a great Wisconsin Vacation Rental! See our entire selection at – you’ll love the Narrow Your Search tool and the interactive Google Map. The best part is — you always connect, plan and book directly with rental owners or managers to get the best rate.

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Vacation Destination – Mercer WI

Mercer Wisconsin showcases the natural beauty and serenity of the True Northwoods.  This small town in Northern WI offers fun activities for all vacationers: Boating, hiking, cycling, hunting, and waterfalls. Within a 20 mile radius, over 200 hundred lakes can be found. Take a trip to Mercer, the “Loon Capital” in the heart of the Northwoods.

We have a wide variety of vacation properties to suit your vacation needs. Prices begin at just $85 per night. Visit our Mercer WI vacation rental page and start planning your next WI vacation.

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