Best Hunting Areas in Minnesota 2014


Minnesota is known for hunting. Traditions have started within family and friends. It’s a contest of who the sharp shooter is in the group. Or, it’s an excuse to go early in the morning and be gone till dusk. Either way you look at it, hunting is still great in Minnesota. This list is comprised of the three best counties to hunt in. You’re in luck, we have cabins and vacation rentals for your hunting needs so be sure to explore the links below to see what best fits your hunting party.

Let’s get started:

1. Hubbard County: We like to lump this in a county because the area is loaded with potential venison. Last year a total of 241 deer were harvested here. The towns of Park Rapids and Akeley provide many lodging, While hunting has been down statewide this year, the Gulch region is still densely populated with deer. Now is the time to remind hunters that it is “Buck” only this year but don’t let that stop you. This year can be the year that you hone on your skills and show yourself whose boss after all.

2. Itsaca: They don’t mean to brag but they do it anyways. The Chippewa National Forest is surely a haven for hunting-even this year. Don’t let a “Buck” only season deter you from even getting the small game this year (smaller the target, harder to shoot right)? The season is well under way for small game such as sharp tail grouse, rabbits, squirrels, pheasant, waterfowl (central and southern zone). Deer is some zones are permitted till the end of the month but check local guides for additional information on which zone you will be in.

3. Becker County: With over 110,000 acres and even additional wildlife management areas, this area is known for its deer ,bear, grouse, wild turkey and waterfowl hunting. This is also home to many sportsmen club to really become the sharp shooter you can be so even if it is passed your ideal hunting time, don’t completely throw out the idea of shooting (after all it is a sport).

While these counties are your best shots for bringing home dinner, you may ask “That’s great and all but now we need to figure out where we are going to stay.” The answer to that question is very easy. We will even do half the work for you. Click on the links below to see what we can offer you in terms of the area close to your desired hunting ground. That’s right. We just did the research on perfect hunting areas in MN and now we take the guess-work out of your vacation rental. We know, we’re very generous.

Hubbard County:

PARK RAPIDS                     AKELEY

Itsaca County:

BIGFORK                             DEER RIVER                     GRAND RAPIDS

To view the best back strap recipe for Venison we have seen so far, click here!

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