Hunting for Minnesota sport cabin rentals? Bag one here.

When we write about Minnesota cabin rentals, we always keep in mind that people who rent cabins are also in search of a unique experience beyond the knotty pine walls: Family vacation, fishing getaway, golfing outings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, snowmobiling, off-the-grid adventure – the list is endless. For hunting enthusiasts, Minnesota vacation rentals are a great alternative to hotels because cabins, cottages and lodges put you “in the field”.

Big game hunting: Deer


P&Y (Pope & Young) is the archer’s Holy Grail. The goal is to bag a buck big enough to qualify for the P & Y Club’s record book. In Minnesota, there are certain areas that produce these ‘book bucks’ every year. As luck would have it, has several rentals that put archer’s minutes from their tree stands along the notheast-to-central axis.



Here are the list of MN sport-cabins by towns that are IN THE RED.

NE – Saint Louis:
Ely, MN Cabins
Cook, MN Cabins
Orr, MN Cabins
Kabetogama, MN Cabins
Beaver Bay, MN Cabins

Central – Morrison:
Cushing, MN Cabins
Brainerd, MN Cabins


The state is known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” and has cabins and cottages on many of them. Another reason to stop by the website is that we offer a book direct service which guarantees the lowest rental rate every time. That’s right, you get to speak with area experts who can give you tips on hunting opportunities for all game:

Small-game hunting: Ruffed grouse, squirrels, rabbits, duck, pheasants, Canada goose, turkey

Hunting is a special bonding experience, and your private Minnesota cabin brings that experience inside too. We think you’ll agree, young people need to get outside more and experience what nature has to offer. There’s no APP that can duplicate these moments & memories “in the field”.

Numerous hunting seasons in the state begin in September – hunters must meet the state’s license requirements before taking to the fields and woods.


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