Views from the Boundary Waters in Minnesota


The views from the boundary waters in Minnesota can tug at the very strings in your heart as you itch to be there so bad you calculate vacation days in your head. If you have never heard of them before, here is your unofficial guide to the most amazing vacation area in Minnesota, and a few boundary waters cabin rental options.


With over a 1,000 canoe routes that are connected by incredible lakes lined with bedrock and many types of trees, this area is perfect for canoeing. This corner of the world is a perfect excuse to leave the clutter at home and focus on its grand magnitude of solidarity. This almost untouched area is perfect for the outdoor enthusiasts who love nature, bird watching, wildlife, fishing, hiking and camping. You could explore this great area for days and not see more than a few people, if any at all, depending on where you start at.

National Geographic called canoeing these parts “One of the 100 best American adventure trips” but before you go, there are a few things to know.

The general rules of thumb and recommendations are:

Take out what you bring in. That means everything. The Boundary Waters are still pristine. If traveling with kids or you don’t think you can manage taking your trash with you, maybe day passes are better. There are plenty of Minnesota cabins in the area to still experience the simpler life while being able to enjoy the goodness of the Boundary Waters. With that being said, there isn’t any form of electricity and campfires could be limited depending on the weather conditions. Bring a small stove if needed to make meals. All food should be packed away in plastic containers and leave no fish remains. Latrines are to be used at all times. If not close to a latrine, dig a hole in the ground 6 inches deep and then cover with pine needles.

No firearms are permitted and absolutely no fireworks. If your with a larger group, keep in mind only nine people to a campsite and only four watercrafts to each site. Only watercrafts meeting certain horsepower limits are allowed in the Boundary Waters. Please check with the local guides.

Another spectacular view from nearby in Cook county where several Grand Marais cabins are located -is the Northern Lights. A scene right out of a painting, this will take your breath away. It’s one of those hot chocolate and great company kind of nights when these come around, so check the forecast when trying to schedule a trip here. It is mostly popular in the fall.


This natural beauty is unmatched in this part of the country and makes a great family trip. is growing a selection of cabins, cottages lodges and homes. Perhaps the best reason to use our website is that you ALWAYS book directly with Minnesota vacation rental owners to assure you get the best rental rates. Why book through 3rd party websites and pay more for the same rentals listed here.

Relax. You’re on cabin time now!

The Catskills Region and Area Vacation Rentals:

Whoever said the road was long and the journey was the destination seemed to have had it right. The Catskills vacation rentals at seem to be the perfect retreat for the soul. This area is densely populated with cabins & cottages in forests, near lakes, rivers & mountains. There are 35 mountain peaks to be exact and all under a three hour drive from Manhattan, New York. Whether you’re an adventurer or simply just like breathtaking views, this region has it all.


If excitement is your thing try mountain biking over the rolling and sometimes quite brisk landscape. Don’t own a bike? That won’t be a problem, there are many bike rental companies in the area that can help you. There is also zip lining, but not for the faint of heart. Try the 2nd largest zip line in the world at Hunter Mountain! Water rafting, kayaking, tubing, and canoeing is also very popular in the region.

What might be more popular than all those exciting adventure options is Fly fishing. The Catskills region is dubbed the “Fly Fishing capital of the world” by many. Beaverkill and Trout heavily populate the streams and rivers. Sullivan county is known for its popular fly fishing sport.


If none of that floats your boat, try the Shawangunk wine trail that shows off its 14 family owned wineries. Each wineries represents wine and food pairings from a different country. They host a variety of events throughout the year and even heavily discount tickets to designated drivers. All well thought out and beautifully orchestrated.

The Catskills offers a vintage train that rides along its 12 mile track allowing visitors and residents take in the scenery, You might even be able to see a Bald Eagle!


Another cool thing visitors could do is hike up to Kaaterskill fall in the town of Hunter on the eastern side of the Catskills. Kaaterskill is the largest two drop waterfall that cascades down over 260 feet in all of New York.


Don’t let the cool weather slow you down either. There are four major mountains where you can ski and snowboard your heart out.

Come and check out our Catskills area vacation rentals and discover what “Cabin Time” is all about at