3 Tips For Planning Your WI Vacation

  1. Research many different properties.Many cabins and cottages throughout WI are very different. Before committing to renting the property, made sure the cottage offers everything you are looking for. There are twotools to help you
    • MAP: Compare properties based on location
    • Narrow-Your-Search tool: Let us filter through your criteria and create a list of properties. From here you can contact the owners with further questions and/or reservations.
  2. Longer is not always better.It’s all about letting go of your extra stress and having time to relax and do whatever makes you happy. Instead of taking a 2 week-long vacation, break that up and take a few shorter vacations. Sometimes even those weekend getaways are all you need to get back in the swing of things.
  3. Don’t be scared off by price when renting a cabin, cottage, lodge, and home. A single bedroom vacation cabin rental will cost about as much as a hotel room, so from a financial point of view the two options are equal. However, when considering the other benefits of cabin rentals, the hotel room suddenly looses a lot of its attractiveness. Many attractions such as hiking and water recreation are nearby to your rental and at very in costs. Even more money can be saved by buying and cooking your food instead of going out for lunch and dinner. We also have a specials pdf which includes our members current specials which can be found on our official website. Happy saving!

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