Holidays can often result in heavy traffic, stuffy bedrooms, burnt stuffing and kids complaining that they are bored. But, what if you decided to do something different? Renting a cabin in the fall and winter can be unique and invigorating. Ely, Minnesota is known for it’s incredible fun and challenging dog sled races ,which kids and adults of all ages find entertaining. Often times, the local area celebrates centuries long traditions with dinners, festivals, races and more. This area is also known for fantastic snowmobiling, ice fishing, and cross country skiing, so what are you waiting for?


The Burntside Retreat is waiting to welcome you into their warm cabins that sleep over 20 guests! There is ample room in this log cabin! To check availability for this fall and winter or to view the photo gallery, rates or inquire directly with the owner, please click here.

Cabin Rental in Minnesota

Wisconsin Vacation Rentals – A Winter Escape

It’s coming… you can’t stop it… winter. Who would want to stop it? The seasonal change in Wisconsin is one of our best assets. Can you image living in Arizona? Sans seasons? And nothing can match the winter vacation experience found in Wisconsin’s cabins, cottages, lodges, or homes.

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If the weather calls for snow, that’s a good thing. Snowmobiling, skiing, ice fishing… it’s just around the corner. Use our website to find the perfect vacation rental that fits your budget. On water and off water (frozen water that is)…  find vacation rentals all over our great state. The winter season can’t be experienced from a hotel room. So make plans with your family and friends soon. Get out there!

Joe Mogensen