We choose MI #Cabins and #Cottages for a Vacation over Hotels

We truly believe that renting Michigan cabins and cottages will result in some of the best vacation memories ever made. Kids seem to enjoy the lakes and wide-open spaces and parents love giving the freedom to them while also experiencing a peaceful setting amongst nature. There is nothing like sitting outside for dinner on a picnic table with great food and a view of the lake or flowing river. Being able to roast marshmallows over the fire and catch fireflies under the stars are moments that last forever. Moments Hotels cannot provide.


Did you know…..if you divide the nightly rate by your total number of
people the price per night per person is probably less than a low price
hotel or motel and you can enjoy the privacy and seclusion of a single
family home with lots of amenities, on the water, in a beautiful natural

We have compiled our list of reasons why we love renting Michigan cabins, cottages, lodges and homes.
1. Hotels seem to force families or friends in separate living quarters, interrupting quality time and laughs created by spur of the moments that arise.
2. Hotels have increasingly limited the number of guests in each room, only allowing 4-5 in a room, making you rent out several rooms, which can get expensive.
3. Pets are part of the family and vacationers want them to come on vacation. Many cabins and cottages are accommodating towards your pets.
4. Parking can be cumbersome when renting a hotel. Whether you park on the other side or 4 floors down, no one wants to mess with that.
5. Don’t be suckered into going out to eat for all your meals. That can be costly. It can also mean taking time out of your day to make sure the family is presentable for dinner establishments and let’s face it, kids are always messy.
6. It’s pretty hard to star gaze through a hotel window. With wide-open spaces and a yard to lay a blanket down, you can’t beat the star-gazing at a secluded cabin.
7. There’s no quiet hours. We’re not saying let’s get crazy but no one wants to have to whisper to their family down a hallway to get ice when they can talk normally on their way to the kitchen.
8. Amenities in a cabin and a cottage can sometimes be pricey in a hotel. Take for instance fireplaces, boat rentals, Jacuzzis, full size kitchens, screen porches. Some cabins can be more rustic if back to nature suits you.
9. When you return the next year, the hosts actually can remember you and your preferences.
10. Cabins and Cottages are KID FRIENDLY. They let the kids run around, squeal with delight, chase after the dog, fish off the dock, swim at the beach, climb a tree and tell ghost stories around the fire.


Okay, it’s no secret we are huge fans of Michigan cabins, cottages, lodges and vacation rentals. We like to think that we are becoming leaders in the vacation rental industry. Head to RentMichiganCabins.com to view our growing selection of Michigan vacation rentals. We have a unique interactive Map of Michigan and a custom Narrow Your Search Tool.

Experience Cabin Time brought to you by the Owners and Property Managers of Michigan.

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