Book It Now Button VS Book Direct. We know what renters prefer…

As the vacation rental industry evolves, the divide between booking websites with Book It Now Buttons and other websites that simply let renters Book Directly with the rental owners & managers continues to widen. Our growing collection of state-specific, vacation rental websites are those “other” websites. We believe in giving renters WHAT THEY WANT; a clear path to the rental owners and property managers. How do we know it’s what they want? Our renter-survey confirms it: When given a choice; renters prefer to book directly with rental owners, not through booking websites (30 to 1). That’s no surprise to us – the owners & managers are area experts. Plus. booking directly with owners & managers eliminates double booking drama and you always get the RIGHT answers to your questions.

It’s rare to find vacation rental listing websites that actually help rental owners and managers build their online brand, but that’s exactly what our growing group of websites do. Our low annual fee opens the door to higher rental income because owners/managers keep every booking dollar. The property details pages on our websites introduce rental units AND promote property brand extensions:
• Link to rental owner/manager property website
• Link to rental owner/manager social media channels
• Display up to 3 YouTube videos
• Phone number and address

Renters want many ways to do their due diligence. They are more comfortable when they can easily get to property websites, read Facebook comments and reviews, see LinkedIn profiles, Tweets, etc. While booking website choose to HIDE this information and funnel renters through a book now button; WE GIVE VACATIONERS A BETTER SEARCH AND RENTING EXPERIENCE.

What’s lead to the backlash of the Book It Now Button on 3rd party booking websites?
You might want to sit down.
• 15% commission per booking, and rising. Some booking websites even charge an extra 11% to the renter!
• Renters who call the listing phone number are often redirected to a booking website Call Center.
• Rental owners & managers have less control of their business.

Visit our group of BOOK DIRECT websites and see how we are different (the search tool and interactive maps are awesome).;;;

Relax. Enjoy Your Search. You’re On Cabin Time!

Joe Mogensen

2 thoughts on “Book It Now Button VS Book Direct. We know what renters prefer…

  1. I agree that if we book private rentals and villas directly with the owners we get the things very clearly. We get a real information about the house and the facilities we get here. With this we can also save some money.


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