A coastal #vacation rental worth every penny

Michigan’s U.P. coast is arguably one of the best coasts we have in America. Hands down. A unique experience of jagged cliffs, miles of dramatic drops and waterfalls makes this secretive coast a wonder waiting to be discovered. Cooler temperatures make exploring ideal in the summer.

With this being said, if you are anything like me, I don’t want to sleep on the ground. The comforts of a warm bed and a mosquito-free screened in porch make me warm and fuzzy inside. That is why this Grand Marais vacation rental is perfect. A short drive to the shore gives impeccable views and a survey of the land shows how magical Mother Nature truly can be. With access to a rowboat and lifejackets on practically an uninhabited area of Dutch Fred Lake, you can’t go wrong. Our advice? Bring a good book, hiking boots, groceries and a camera and be prepared to be overtaken with sheer beauty, relaxed and renewed. View this gallery and inquire on our website to speak directly with the owner!

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