The Minnesota Journey Begins

JM Creative Group is excited to have up and running! Whether you are a MN vacation rental owner, or a Minnesota-bound vacationer — we hope you enjoy our new website. Vacationers; look for the rental selection to steadily grow over the next several months. Rental owners: our ‘flagship’ website, has 716 rentals listed – we offer affordable advertising and target AREA renters (those most-likely to rent from you).

How are WE are different than other rental listing websites? Why do vacationers choose our website versus the well-established national listing sites? Why would rental owners want to list their properties with us? Lets look at these separately:

What are we doing different?
Other companies have chosen to create ONE website to promote vacation rentals around the country (in some cases, world); we’re building unique websites for EACH state. Currently Live are;;; and is going Live next month, and 15 more state-specific websites will roll out in 2014. Why this approach? Since the explosion of the Internet; vacationers have been searching for rentals by state. Here is the problem: Google has no choice but to give high rankings to national web portals whose focus is on presenting a massive selection of rentals that vacationers are not interested in. Here is our solution: Offer vacationers a niche website focused on their state-specific search.

Developing individual state-specific websites allows our team to use pertinent search criteria that is unique to each state. Once established, these state sites naturally rank on page 1, usually in the number 1 position. What is pertinent search criteria? Minnesota rentals don’t offer mountain-views, so you won’t see that as a search criteria. You WILL find pertinent criteria like “on large recreation lake”. The criteria is state-specific because the website is state-specific.

Why do vacationers choose our websites?
On, every rental is IN Minnesota. On, every rental is IN Wisconsin. As soon as vacationers arrive at one of our websites, they are presented with an interactive STATE MAP OF RENTALS. The search begins on the HOME PAGE. No drilling down through several links to find a state. Vacationers would rather book directly with rental owners/managers – that is what we offer.

Why would rental owners want to list with us?
It’s affordable advertising with incredible ROI. With a single cabin listing starting at $95/yr — it’s a no-brainer to list your rental(s). Imagine your listing(s) in front of targeted consumers – that’s our advantage. We track listing views, archive inquiries, and give you full access to a log in Property Manager (which you use to update your listing). NOTE: We even set up your listing(s) for you. We write original content, upload pictures, add rates, link to rental business website and social websites. Then, when you have time, you can log in and review/update your listing(s)!

Please enjoy our growing website focused on Minnesota Vacation Rentals!

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