Your Future Self Wants a Vacation

Studies Show That We All Need Vacations

We have all been there – when your schedule is so full that by the end of the day you wonder how you even did it. The economic challenges in America have encouraged workers to work even more. But research indicates that a break from every-day stress cannot be ignored.

The famous Framingham Heart Study found that a woman who vacations once every six years or less is eight times more likely to suffer from a chronic heart disease or a heart attack when compared to a woman who takes two or more vacations a year. Elain Eaker, co-author of the study states, “It shows how the body reacts to a lifestyle of stress, this is real evidence that vacations are important to your physical health.”

Another study at the University of Pittsburgh Mind-Body Center asked 1,399 participants how often they preformed leisure activities. The findings showed a direct relationship between physical and mental health and how often participants engaged in things that they enjoyed. Lowered stress levels, a slimmer waist, lowered blood pressure, and positive emotions can all be contributed to participants engaging in enjoyable activities.

It’s time we all take some time for ourselves. You don’t just want a vacation, studies show you need it. Over time, your weekend getaways and exciting vacation weeks will pay off. Not only will you see health improvements, expect a better mentality. Having something positive to look forward is satisfying.

Reading, biking, yoga, kayaking, skiing, what do you love? Take time to enjoy it!

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