Bird Conservation in Wisconsin

Bird City Wisconsin‘s goal is to enhance the environment for birds and to educate the general public. These passionate individuals are not the only ones who participate in wildlife watching, throughout WI some 2 million residents and non-residents are involved as well. The Department of Natural Resources estimates that $1.3 billion a year is spent by wildlife watchers to support their hobby. But bird watching is not just merely a hobby, there is a need for birds to keep our natural systems in balance. This is why Bird City Wisconsin is pushing to help bird conservation. Through this organization, there are now 66 Wisconsin bird cities who are looking for new ways to preserve birds and their habitats.

bird conservation

 5 Easy Ways to Help Bird Conservation

  1. Recycle
  2. Clean your bird feeders
  3. Protect birds from pets
  4. Leave baby birds where you find them
  5. Keep your distance

It’s time to enjoy the birds. Relax in your own backyard, visit a WI state park, or plan a vacation. Throughout Wisconsin, birds are found everywhere – but one must be patient to see them.

Vacation Destinations that are also Bird City WI Communities

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