The Ultimate #Lighthouse Tour in Wisconsin and Michigan

Lighthouses have been a symbol of safety for navigators and explorers for hundreds of years. Each night, lightkeepers and their families reported lake conditions and guided people back to safety alongside the rocky shores of the Great Lakes.

A photographer’s paradise, Lake Michigan offers beautiful scenery.The transcendent fall colors and welcoming cooler breeze from the lake make the Great Lakes a great tourist location for those that can appreciate the northern charm, art galleries, fantastic restaurants, and museums of the maritime history. The sunrises and sunsets are mesmerizing and provide a romantic backdrop to each unique lighthouse.

Click here to view vacation rentals, events, and a map of lighthouses in Michigan

In October, The Great Lake lighthouse festival highlights different lighthouses along the coast and bring in over a hundred different vendors for the lighthouse enthusiasts all over the world. There is no other lighthouse festival like it. In 2014, the Eagle Bluff was the highlighted lighthouse. Eagle Bluff sits majestically in Peninsula State Park, a beacon of light to those arrive in the rocky Door County area, navigating through the gale of a storm or through the quiet dark nights. This lighthouse has been restored for visitors on tours and is open to the public May-October.

The Grand Traverse Lighthouse is at the end of the Leelanau Peninsula, located inside the Leelanau State Park. It’s one of the oldest lighthouses on the Great Lakes. Once inside the lighthouse, you can view exhibits, shipwrecks, foghorns and other lighthouses within the area. Fun events are throughout the year.

Grand Traverse Lighthouse

Grand Traverse Lighthouse

Be sure to check out this fantastic lighthouse.For a list of other things to do in Traverse City, Michigan or to explore Traverse City Vacation Rentals while on a lighthouse tour in Michigan, click this link here: Traverse City.  To view more in the area, or to discover Lake Leelanau vacation rentals in Leelanau County, visit this link here: Lake Leelanau.

Another favorite lighthouse on Lake Michigan is the St. Joe’s lighthouse. Located in St. Joseph’s, Michigan, this lighthouse is not shy about bragging about its beauty and that’s ok with us because it is surely a sight you can’t miss! This beautiful lighthouse is near Benton Harbor and even highlights a live webcam on its website. This lighthouse is truly a Great Lakes celebrity with tourists walking the rare catwalk, exploring the almost two centuries old lighthouse and what was once home to the Red Cross.

St. Joe Lake Michigan, Benton Harbor

St. Joe Lakehouse

This backdrop is perfect for photography (maybe a wedding?), fishing, cruising and picnicking. To view more about Benton Harbor, click here: Benton Harbor

Tawas Point Lighthouse is also a sight to see. This lighthouse is located on land jutting out (almost considered a peninsula but didn’t quite make the grade) in the Tawas Point State Park, nicknamed the “Cape Cod of the Midwest”. This particular bay is fantastic for fishermen, bird enthusiasts, and sailors. One of the best parts about this lighthouse is the drive getting there. Highway 23, or better known as, the Sunrise Side Coastal Highway. This highway is unique that in much of northern Lake Huron, it is primarily publicly owned, therefore creating a large backdrop not populated by privately owned properties. To learn more about Tawas City and see vacation rentals too, click here: Tawas City

Presque Isle Lighthouse is one of the oldest lighthouses and tallest lighthouse that you climb on the Great Lakes. This romantic lighthouse has been in business for over 175 years and hosts many events throughout the anniversary weekend such as wagon rides, campfires, etc.

Presque Isle Lighthouse

Presque Isle Lighthouse

It has been considered a haunted lighthouse by its previous owners. Don’t worry, this ghost is a very nice gost. To check out the video: 

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