Don’t be missing #Michillinda Lodge

Looking for a different vacation tradition? One along the shores of Lake Michigan? Get ready for Cabin Time at the Michillinda Lodge! You can feel the history of the Michillinda property as soon as you turn onto the driveway. Our 400’ long private shoreline of Lake Michigan means big fun for the kids.

michillinda1Whitehall MI cabins on White Lake and Lake Michigan vacation rentals offer a coastal-type vacation. Whitehall, Michigan is a coastal town 25 miles North of Muskegon, on Lake Michigan. Got a larger group? With 26 rentable vacation units, we can accommodate a romantic getaway for two, or the entire extended family! Enjoy a Lake Michigan vacation experience together. Everything is big here! 22 acres of land surround the Michillinda cottages. The resort grounds features eight buildings with 26 summer vacation rentable units. 25×50 outdoor heated swimming pool.

Enjoy multiple golf courses along the shoreline, one being Old Channel Trail. The beautiful backdrop of Lake Michigan and the stunning vistas, greens, and marsh throughout the course has been a stunning wedding location for years. This Whitehall, MI retreat remains among the busiest destinations in Michigan. Add to your family stories this year with a visit to Michillinda!
From the cabin to the class! Ever tried a cooking school? The Heritage cooking school is perfect for those that want to learn back to the basics cooking such as the lost art of cooking all natural food, canning, fermenting, soap making and much more. Make it part of your unique vacation experience. There are lots of festivals such as the Guitar Festival, an increasing popular festival with workshops, shows and vendors. Father’s Day celebration and the White Lake Chamber Music Festival, a festival with international and local artists.

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