#UpperPeninsula lodge provides a great fall escape

Owners of vacation rentals always start out for different reasons, whether to help pay the mortgage on a home they don’t primarily live in or it could be a way to meet people from all over. Whatever the case may be, Todd Dejong, a rental owner of a cabin called Powell Shores Lodge in Wetmore, Michigan, is considered to be one of the best kept secrets. This lodge is less than 5 miles away from the shore of the majestic Lake Michigan and Munising, where sugary sands, artsy stores, soulful artists and small town charm evade this area. While summer weeks are sure to be the busiest times for Todd, fall is actually his favorite time of the year and who can blame him? Fall is a great time for reflection.


Most people assume that Michigan isn’t as nice as a southern coast vacation destination but it is quite the contrary. While avoiding high sticker prices that typical travel destinations usually have, Munising, Michigan is the mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, soulful art, and endless sunsets along the shores. There are even lighthouse tours that tell a story of history and many shipwrecks to discover.

With the kids back in school, the crowds tend to be typically smaller and prices slightly cheaper. The leaves decorate the shoreline with blazes of oranges and reds. The waterfalls populating the area, making it the capital of the waterfalls in the whole Midwest and let’s not forget hunting season, a tradition that the U.P. thrives on!


First on the list of things to check out should be the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Fall makes this a perfect time to go. You can explore the sand cliffs, dunes, waterfalls, spectacular views and snowmobile trails. This park spans over 40 miles of shoreline and offers great hiking opportunities. Sandy Point beach is often too cold for swimming, however, the Weather Channel has voted this to be one of the “Top 5 Summer Beaches in America”

Dejong goes on to say that this area is well known for its snowmobile trails, having over 300 miles of groomed trails and not to mention many more miles that are not groomed. There is also the Alger Underwater Preserve for divers, showing off its many sea caves and shipwreck opportunities. Explore lighthouses and spend a day with the friendly locals getting a bite to eat at one of the local eateries and drink a micro brew at the bar. Whatever your passion is, think outside the busy travel dates and imagine a vacation a great way.

Dejong, who owns Powell Shores Lodge, describes his lodge as quiet and peaceful, really allowing you to enjoy the of the U.P. atmosphere. This lodge offers a rowboat and great fishing opportunities right by the man made rock wall by the dock and with local great hunting opportunities, there is truly something here for everyone.

powell shores

We love Michigan but we also have vacation rentals in other states as well! Try out these other state specific vacation rentals!





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