Lac La Belle Lake in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is wonderful this time of the year


Lac La Belle is a fantastic lake near Mt. Bohemia and fall is truly a magical time of the year for this area. Our criteria for this is simple. The crowds start to thin out with kids going back to school but not completely so area attractions stay open this time of the year. The colors of the leaves changing on the trees around here are breathtakingly beautiful and provide a burst of color in your lake photos and offer a fall drive that rivals most scenic drives in the country! Enjoy Heritage Route 41 and the M26 that wind through friendly villages and ghost towns.


The fishing is superb in all the waters here, count on catching some king salmon, muskie and lake trout. Unique to this area of Michigan is the Keweenaw Underwater Preserve. There are many shipwrecks that divers often explore but some you can even see from the surface. Enjoy the free canoes at the cabin or rent the 14 foot aluminum fishing boat w/9.9hp Envirude engine to cuise around the lake or charter fish on Lake Superior with Hooked Up Charter Fishing.


As the temperatures get cooler and the snow starts to fall (which there is alot of in the Lac La Belle and Mt. Bohemia area) skiing in the top premier destination. Mt. Bohemia and the coming soon, Vodoo Mountain is the second largest ski region in th midwest. Be sure to check out area conditions if you’re looking to ice fish in the area. There is great ice fishing everywhere. To view more about Lac La Belle and the Mt. Bohemia region, head to


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