A Welcome to Our Vacation Rental Owners in Montana

Here at RentMontanaCabins.com we have worked really hard to prove to vacation rental owners that the service that we provide is in the better interest for them, not us. We aren’t interested in stealing your hard earned dollars in booking commission fees. Instead, we promote EVERYTHING about you: Your cabin rental website (if you have one), your social media channels, and your brand. We get it – big booking websites have lost their focus. Have a look at what we can do for you:


On the left of the screen, the vacation rental search begins by selecting a specific town, or needs such as bedrooms, rates, pet friendly, etc. On the right side of the screen, vacationers can use the map and zoom in to compare Montana Cabin rentals. Both can be combined in the search too.


Users can also search for their cabin or lodge rental through the list of towns in Montana by scrolling down. This also gives them a chance to read about what there is to do in town, events, or major cities close by. On the right, there is a list of rentals that are in the area. Renters can see what the price range and how many it sleeps from the main screen. LISTINGS ALWAYS SHUFFLE, GIVING EVERYBODY A CHANCE TO BE AT THE TOP- FOR NO ADDITIONAL COST.


Once vacationers select a cabin, ranch or lodge for rent, they can read all about it on a details page. How many it sleeps, how many bedrooms, the fun things to do in the area, photos and videos all show what makes that cabin and area Unique. Users can inquire directly with you while we get out of the way so you can be in charge of all of your rental bookings.

Screenshot 6

Then, while users are filling out the inquiry form and reading all about it, they can watch videos about your property, testimonials, or popular attractions in the area.

Screenshot 7

In addition to having plenty of space to explain your cabin, there is also ample room to explain rates, discounts, holiday packages, taxes and cleaning fees. Furthermore, it is followed by reviews and more detailed information of your website, complete with links to your social media.

Could it get any easier to make this decision to list with us? We don’t think so. WE ARE NEW TO MONTANA, BUT NOT NEW TO PROMOTING VACATION RENTALS. View our other successful listing websites in Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota and New York. To list your Montana vacation rental(s), please click here: List your rental

Relax. Enjoy Your Search. You’re on Cabin Time.

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