4 Michigan Festivals You Won’t Want to Miss!

Michigan’s weather can be quite unpredictable but the winter itself is downright freezing, there is no telling a local that it isn’t. How do Michiganders do it every year? Easy. They embrace it with downright silly and quite cool festivals and events. Check out the four festivals and events you definitely don’t want to miss this year!

Plymouth Ice Sculpting Festival

svedka bar

Jan. 9th through Jan. 11 is your chance to see the best of the Midwest come and show us what they got for skill with something that requires freezing cold temps. This world class event happens every year in downtown Plymouth, Michigan, opening up with a classic ribbon cutting. Check out the interactive exhibits and be sure to take pictures of the amazing pieces of art. The following Saturday, enjoy a jazz performance by Cynthia Kaay Bennett, a hockey game with the Detroit Red Wings, Dueling Chainsaw competitions and the Reyka Vodka Fire and Ice show at promptly 7:30. Don’t forget, amazing festival food, which can only be that much better in the winter! For more information: be sure to check out the Plymouth Ice Sculpting Festival Website.

SISU Ski Fest


While this may be only the 6th year and running, it is certainly no baby when it comes to skiing. Jan. 9th is your chance to ski through mining fields, bluffs alongside the Montreal River and eventually to the “Finnish” line in Ironwood. Participate in either race. The SISU Full Combined: 42K SISU ski marathon plus 10K SISU snowshoe race—or the SISU Half Combined: 21K Heikki Lunta plus the 5K snowshoe race. Not in a racing mood? Slap on some skis and taste test from the Taste N Tour. Who doesn’t want to ski, eat, and watch entertainment? That’s a no brainer! For more information: Check out the official SISU Event Page

Winter Comedy Arts Festival


Traverse has an all star lineup coming this year and you surely won’t want to miss this tantalizing lineup for the weekend of Valentines day. Bill Maher headlining can be enough to want to head to the Travers area but even if not, also check out Michael Moore with his satire on today’s politics and “The Goldbergs” Doug Benson helps host this serendipitous event. Don’t forget the kiddos in the car, there is plenty to entertain them with such as a mini golf ice course, a really big mountain to sled on, and even better a Ferris wheel for the kids to freeze on. Hopefully no one likes the handlebar. Can you believe that Maher is even paying to come and host? This guy has a freaking show for crying out loud! For an upcoming schedule , please check out this out: Traverse City Comedy Arts Festival

Brew-Ski Festival

What is not to love about beer, recreation and music? Hop onto your skis on Saturday, March 14th and enjoy a leisure ski around to over 240 snow bars, allowing to treat your taste buds to everything from Bocks to IPAs and Ambers to Stout beers and everything in between. Enjoy delicious food and great live music from the Galactic Sherpas. Head over to the Zoo Bar for the after party with the Aaron Vaughn Band at 5 PM and then over to the Slopeside Lounge for a wrap up party at 9 PM. A perfect way to celebrate the near ending of old man winter! To see a list of breweries that were represented last year, click here.

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