A website as unique as Michigan Vacation Rentals

Many business owners dream of one day becoming the next Google, Microsoft, or Ebay. When it comes to the vacation rental industry; companies like vrbo, HomeAway, Flipkey stand out. So, why does our RentMichiganCabins.com Executive Summary start with, “We are NOT the next vrbo. We are the FIRST RentMichiganCabins.com”?

Every major directory-style website has (or is) switching to a commission only membership option for rental owners – that’s a scary trend. Are rental owners being forced into always advertising this way? Vacation rentals are not hotel rooms. They are 2 different industries. — so vacation rental owners and their properties should not be treated like hotel owners and their 600 room buildings. Plus, the customers who stay at vacation rentals should always be considered property of the rental owners, or managers, not the property of a 3rd party website.

We find it hard to believe that vacation rental owners would want to give up their right to have vacationers book directly with them.

Introducing RentMichiganCabins.com! An informational website where renters connect and book directly with rental owners, or managers. We never take a commission on bookings, and renters communicate directly with rental owners (who by the way) are the best tour guides. More to come.


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