Reversing Current Law. Harmful to Vacation Rental Businesses.

Those that want to get rid of law LRB’s 1695/1 and 2502/1, which prevents school schools from starting before Labor Day, really need to consider the irreversible crippling effect it will have on the Vacation Rental Industry. It’s our hope (and the hope of WI rental owners and managers) that this law remains intact. In Wisconsin, the vacation season starts in mid-June and runs THRU Labor Day. Up to 85% of revenue for full-time rental owners is generated during these 3 months. “It would kill our August customer base when the weather is the best”, says a Minocqua rental owner. “We not only would lose customers by the middle of August, but also our help”. A longer school year is inevitable, but why not keep students in school in June when our Wisconsin weather is typically rainy and cooler? Is anyone weighing the pro’s and con’s?

Nixing the current law is the wrong thing to do – at the worst possible time. WI rental owners are still recovering from recession, and trip cancellations due to the unexpected late arrival of summer. Though these smart business owners are used to finding creative ways to overcome unexpected weather-related setbacks, taking away their Labor Day revenue seems unacceptable.

Do not turn your back on rental owners, and many restaurants/bars who rely on robust end-of-August revenues. They need SUPPORT, not another hurdle.Image

Post by: Joe Mogensen

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