showcases a growing number of the states irresistible vacation rentals! From an early ‘1800s log cabin, to a cabin in a caboose; is the only Web site devoted to promoting rental cabins, cottages, lodges, villas, and homes.

My name is Joe Mogensen. I created the Web site and also enjoy exploring Wisconsin with my family. I’m passionate about helping my member’s rent their vacation properties and promoting Wisconsin’s vacation rental industry. Today’s technology allows one person to make a difference and be heard. Each listing features a link to the properties business Web site. A unique aspect of the site is the ability for consumers to personalize their search for a rental by providing their own description of the kind of rental they have in mind. These inquiries are quickly filtered and sent to property owners so they can respond directly. There is no charge to consumers for using the site, and property owners pay a yearly fee to list a property.

I work directly with vacation rental owners to create and maintain their unique custom listing. This assures the content is fresh, resulting in a great experience for consumers.

The vacation rental industry has been hit hard during the last few years. One person can cast a brighter light on the state’s vacation rental properties.

By bringing Wisconsin vacation rental owners together onto one Web site, their Internet impact becomes more effective. We’re not affiliated with any travel or booking agency, so we don’t play favorites. There is no buying or selling of properties on the site.

Joe Mogensen

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